Data-Driven Redistricting in Washington DC (Law Enforcement Sensitive)


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Data-Driven Redistricting in Washington DC (Law Enforcement Sensitive)

Presenter: Kelly Branthover, Lead Crime Analyst, Homicide Branch/Metropolitan Police Department

Presentation Abstract: In 2018 DC’s Metropolitan Police Department undertook a beat realignment due to significant population growth and economic development in the City that impacted the staffing needs of the department. Over the prior decade, DC saw an increase in high rises and new commercial centers in previously less frequented or populated parts of the city leading to a need to reassess the beat boundaries and reallocate officers. Crime and Law Enforcement analysts led this project through partnering with GIS analysts and District commanders by analyzing police call for service, incident, and staffing data with GIS analytical tools, accounting for geographic obstacles created by the Potomac River, Rock Creek Park, and highways, and other factors discussed in this presentation. Through their combined efforts the analysts drew new beat boundaries that took into account police response times, the types of calls officers saw in a day and their duration on them, and the workload of officers within each of the districts.

This presentation is for anyone in law enforcement whose department is looking to reassess their beat/service area boundaries as we will address best practices, mistakes to avoid, and the how-to behind conducting an accurate beat and staffing reassessment.

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