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      The IACA’s call for presentations for the 2016 Annual Training Conference is Louisville, KY closes on April 29th. This is a GREAT opportunity to share your best practices and tricks of the trade with your colleagues. I think we learn best from each other, so it’s important to share (even if you don’t think that what you know or have done is a big deal or is special). If you’ve ever figured something out and said, “MAN, I wish I had figured this out sooner!” or if you’ve said, “I can’t believe that actually worked…when do I get to try it again?!” then you have something to share.

      If your presentation is accepted, the IACA will waive your conference registration fee and pay for one night in the hotel. That means all your agency has to do is pay for your travel and per diem…it’s a DEAL for them to send you to a week long conference with half the cost already covered. You can find out more and submit your presentation here:

      See you there!

      Jessica LeBlanc

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