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Hi Courtney, I agree with the other poster. For us, TLO has been good to have as a basic US public records aggregator (serving the same purpose as Accurint and Tracers). From my standpoint, TLO was also user friendly from a price perspective so your department may appreciate that as well. Also, since it’s owned by TransUnion, their data has been really helpful when it comes to conducting people searches with resulting DOBs, address histories, property, vehicles, company history, and quick snapshots of criminal records and civil judgments.

As for Whooster, we haven’t used it very much as of late so comments are limited. I recall Whooster used to offer limited Mexican telecom data (mobile phone subscriber information) as well as what used to be really good social media attribution to phone numbers and email addresses; however, I was advised that feature has been seriously downgraded this year due to changes in the platforms. Again, I got this second hand so hopefully another user on the forum can provide more up to date information. Hope this helps.